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AQA A-level History Coursework Workbook: Component 3 Historical investigation (non-exam assessment)

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Introduction to AQA Coursework by History Rocks • A podcast on Anchor

The A level specification requires students to: have a breadth of knowledge over at least a year period show a depth of knowledge of a period engage fully with primary source materials study a broad and coherent curriculum This has allowed us to develop an exciting and engaging course covering the times and subjects below. Module 1 — Challenge and Transformation: Britain, c— Allows students to study in breadth issues of change, continuity, cause and consequence in this period. Apply Now Contact us. If in doubt as to what level you should be studying, please speak to one of our student advisers on We're currently closed.

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A level History Course Introduction. What our students think… My prime reason for studying the course was to study, academically, a subject I was especially interested in rather than go to a local College. Stay Connected. One father, who wished to remain anonymous, told Express. The parent said his year-old daughter received an A in geography and B in English as predicted but was devastated when she discovered her grade in history had been estimated as a C, despite being told she was expected to get a B.

AQA A Level History Coursework Guidance

The year-old girl was planning to study history at university and has managed to keep her place after the school intervened and spoke to the university. Why did they wait until results day to tell them.

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  6. Students devastated A-Level papers STOLEN and exam board GUESSES their grades.

The papers are normally marked in a secure environment. The exam board said guidelines for examiners forbid them from marking A Level papers in a public place but there is nothing to stop them taking the papers on public transport before they have been marked.