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Keep in mind that original thought and insightful analysis are required for a 4. In the 2. Take special care to address your audience in an appropriate manner. Make sure you establish your credibility on the subject and that you provide sufficient information to make your argument thesis convincing. Select words precisely. When in doubt, use a dictionary! Make sure sentences are clear and unambiguous.

Avoid passive voice. Double-check to see that sentences are adequately varied in length and style, and that there are no fragments or run-ons.

Also proofread carefully to correct any other sentence errors. Proofread carefully to identify and correct mechanical errors, such as errors in plurals or possessives, subject-verb agreement, shifts in verb tense or person "you" , comma errors, spelling errors, and so on. Quadruple check your MLA documentation.

Are your parenthetical citations correct? Is your Works Cited list correct according to MLA style, and does it include all sources cited in your essay? Be sure to give your essay a descriptive and attention-getting title NOT "Synthesis," for goodness sake!!!

Developing a Strong, Clear Thesis Statement

Make sure your essay is formatted correctly and posted to your web site correctly. Summary can be useful - and sophisticated - if handled judiciously, selectively, and in combination with other techniques. At some time you may need to summarize a crucial source in some detail. At another point, you may wish to summarize a key section or paragraph of a source in a single sentence. Try to anticipate what your reader needs to know at any given point of your paper in order to comprehend or appreciate fully the point you are making.

You might paraphrase this example i. In all these cases, of course, you would properly credit your source. For many people, getting started with the thesis introduction is the most scary part. Writing introductions can be intimidating. But often, it is not clear what needs to be included and how to make a good first impression to your reader. If you feel stuck at this point not knowing how to start, this guide can help. First of all, make sure to really start with the introduction. If you are having trouble putting together a good introduction, start with a placeholder.

That placeholder does not need to be as strong as you would like it to be, but you can always come back to it and edit it. Having a brief introduction that sets the direction will help you a lot as you write. Waiting to write the introduction until the end can leave you with a poorly written setup to an otherwise well-written paper.

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A good introduction draws readers in while providing the setup for the entire paper. There is no single way to write an introduction that will always work for every topic, but the points below can act as a guide. These points can help you write a good thesis introduction:. Before even starting with your first sentence, ask yourself the question who your readers are. Your first and most important reader is your professor grading your work and the people ultimately responsible for you getting your diploma.

You should also consider readers of your thesis who are not specialists in your field.

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In academic writing your goal is to convey information clearly and concisely, if not to convert the reader to your way of thinking. Transitions help you to achieve these goals by establishing logical connections between sentences, paragraphs, and sections of your papers. In other words, transitions tell readers what to do with the information you present them.

How to write a good thesis introduction

Whether single words, quick phrases or full sentences, they function as signs for readers that tell them how to think about, organize, and react to old and new ideas as they read through what you have written. Transitions signal relationships between ideas. Basically, transitions provide the reader with directions for how to piece together your ideas into a logically coherent argument.

They are words with particular meanings that tell the reader to think and react in a particular way to your ideas. In providing the reader with these important cues, transitions help readers understand the logic of how your ideas fit together. Cause and Effect. Additional Support or Evidence.

You must make certain that your paper is free from grammar and spelling mistakes.

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Mechanical errors are usually the main reason for lack of clarity in essays, so be sure to thoroughly proof read your paper before handing it in. For help with common errors in grammar and usage consult the following websites:. Plagiarism is a form of stealing; as with other offences against the law, ignorance is no excuse. The way to avoid plagiarism is to give credit where credit is due. In addition to plagiarism, SFU has policies regarding other forms of academic dishonesty.

Again, ignorance is no excuse.

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Guilford, C. Occasions for Argumentative Essays. Writing Argumentative Essays. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Northey, M. Toronto: Oxford University Press. Issue Criteria To take a side on a subject, you should first establish the arguability of a topic that interests you.

Can you identify at least two distinctive positions? Are you personally interested in advocating one of these positions? Is the scope of the issue narrow enough to be manageable? Analyzing an Issue and Developing an Argument Once your topic is selected, you should do some research on the subject matter. Considering your audience and determining your viewpoint Once you have made your pro and con lists, compare the information side by side.

In determining your viewpoint, ask yourself the following: Is your topic interesting? Remember that originality counts. Can you manage the material within the specifications set by the instructor? Does your topic assert something specific, prove it, and where applicable, propose a plan of action? Do you have enough material or proof to support your opinion? Give evidence for argument You can generate counterarguments by asking yourself what someone who disagrees with you might say about each of the points you've made or about your position as a whole.

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Provide a plan of action but do not introduce new information The simplest and most basic conclusion is one that restates the thesis in different words and then discusses its implications. Stating Your Thesis A thesis is a one- sentence statement about your topic. Notice, though, that a sentence stating an obvious and indisputable truth won't work as a thesis: Thesis: This University has a Communication major. Keep the following in mind when writing your paper: Diction Diction refers to the choice of words for the expression of ideas; the construction, disposition, and application of words in your essay, with regard to clearness, accuracy, variety, etc.

Paragraphs Creating clear paragraphs is essential.

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  • To avoid plagiarism, you must give credit whenever you use another person's idea, opinion, or theory; any facts, statistics, graphs, drawings--any pieces of information--that are not common knowledge; quotations of another person's actual spoken or written words; or paraphrase of another person's spoken or written words. Constructing Thesis Statements. Writing Center Handouts. Effective Academic Writing: The Argument. Paragraph Development.