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Tysinger, who counsels residents and practicing physicians on preparing CVs and cover letters, and frequently presents on the topic, recommends a single-page, three-paragraph format delivered in a professional, business letter layout, in simple language. Other sources agreed that cover letters should not exceed one page, unless special circumstances dictate an extra paragraph or two. In that case, a two-page letter is acceptable. That could give the recipient the impression that the physician is more concerned about lifestyle than medical practice.

All of the recruiters interviewed for this article have received cover letters that are poorly written or, in some cases, replete with misspellings; all agreed that an error-riddled letter could prevent its writer from being considered for an opportunity regardless of her or his qualifications.

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Of course, word processing programs include spell-checkers and, usually, some grammar-checking functionality. Cebulka recommends. Levinson offers pointed advice regarding double-checking for errors. Some hospitals or groups are very formal, and therefore expect to receive formal communication. Fowler maintains, provided the overall tone remains professional. Physicians in a highly recruited specialty might mention required equipment or infrastructure, if the lack of those items would preclude further discussion.

But for the most part, those specifics should be left for an on-site interview. Joining and engaging in communities like Clinician1 can be as good as attending a conference. You may have heard that most people find jobs through people they know. I have landed multiple job offers this way, sometimes in otherwise unlikely, roundabout ways. Often, these positions also seem to be more interesting than those I see posted on generic, non-clinically focused job search sites. Consider the following. In , LinkedIn polled approximately 3, individuals in staff and management positions, asking how they found their most recent job.

The results were clear. Glassdoor, an online job board that allows people to anonymously report their salary, did a similar study in They found that the chances of receiving an offer were about two to six percent higher if you were referred by a current employee. And yes, this was statistically significant.

Physician Cover Letters: Why Writing a Good One Is As Important As Ever

Can you find a job without any connections? But why make things harder on yourself? If you thought the world of medicine was small, wait until you enter the world of a specialty. Like any other job, it helps to get an edge on the competition with a little digging. By being an expert on the company, the medical group, the other providers, and the administrators, you can do something no other interviewee can do quite as well. By using this information, you have the ability to steer the conversation towards them. This can serve two purposes. One, it builds trust and rapport; and two, you gain a unique insight to help you better judge what it might be like working with this group.

Healthcare providers do not get a ton of privacy online.

That also means the negative press, publicly available court records, and state license sanctions are just a Google search away. The issues surrounding these topics can fill libraries worth of textbooks. Even the presence of one or more of these factors does not necessarily paint a full or fair picture of an individual practitioner. As new clinicians, you may feel uncertain or fear using this sense. As you gain experience, it gets stronger the more you realize it was right all along.

This can also be applied to other areas of life, such as job-hunting. Remember that this is a two-way street, which is why clinicians should keep a clean online presence. The general salary data that many new graduates use as a reference is not always reflective of the market.


Specialty compensation data is available and should be based on actual evidence and value. Most non-healthcare hiring managers are not aware of your true value and may not extend a truly equitable offer. As you apply, here are key things to keep in mind:.

Considering the total cost of a PA degree program, students would be remiss for ruling out a school with a relatively low application fee. Each state has a limited number of PA degree programs that require no application fees. It is crucial to keep all deadlines in mind when applying to physician assistant programs.

The application process

Contact each prospective degree program to find out the final date to apply. CASPA deadlines fall into two major categories:.

Physician Assistant Study Session

No supporting documentation due at the time of application, to be submitted later. Tuition and fees are directly tied to the kind of university, its ranking, and whether it is a private or public institution.

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  • There are scholarships that offset the cost of PA programs. The Federal William D. Department of Education. These are low-interest loans, with a 7 percent rate. There are also private lenders, however their interest rates can run as high as A PA degree program lasts up to 27 months, totaling or more credits. The curriculum is divided into two main phases: didactic instruction and clinical rotations. That means that you should block out a calendar and strategy for completing all graduation requirements on time. The second months of a program are usually comprised of required field internships and more than 2, hours of clinical rotations.

    The process involves finding a healthcare facility in or near your location that accepts interns. You may want to identify a mentor PA with whom you can shadow during clinical rotations. Here are detailed steps to earn a PA license, detailing the content of the exam:. College preparation pays off. The five-hour computer-based exam is made up of multiple-choice questions.

    Requirements for Licensing. Following registration, PA graduates have a day time frame to take the five-hour PANCE exam comprised of multiple-choice questions. State Laws and Regulations: Each state sets its own scope of practice for PAs, including the requirement to work under the supervision of a physician. The AAPA provides a listing of licensing boards for each state , including links to the boards, board addresses and phone numbers. Preparing for Your PA Exam.

    It is offered throughout the year. Remember: You must be a graduate of an accredited program to register for the test. Students may take the exam up to six times before they lose their eligibility. There are solid resources that help students prepare for PANCE, including practice tests and review courses to get you ready.

    Identify your areas of weakness: The first step in preparation is to identify weak areas where you need further review. Taking practice exams can red-flag your potential difficulties.

    Cover Letters for New Grads: Writing Advice

    You may take the practice exam as many times as you want, but you should take the mock test within the day window for taking the real exam. Some of these include:. Websites :. Journals :. Keep Your Certification Up-to-Date. Under recent regulation, PA-C holders must recertify every ten years and meet the requirements of at least CME credits.

    Find out more about renewal eligibility. Earning a certificate of qualifications CAQ indicates to the healthcare community that you have been prepared for the additional skills and PA roles required for promotions or the expansion of your job duties.

    It can lead to higher earnings as well. Certificate candidates must earn a minimum of credits of CME focusing on emergency medicine practice and including 3, hours of experience in emergency medicine.