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However, there are many problems in practice. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time. The concept of Non-Democracy is extremely wide and involves various forms of government, such as Authoritarianism, Monarchy, Dictatorship, Totalitarianism, etc. Non-democracy is basically the opposite of Democracy, where the Head of State has total power over the various parts of the government and State.

To understand Non-Democracy, we must look at the various forms of Non-Democracy. Authoritarianism is a form of social organization characterized by submission to authority as well as the administration of said authority. An authoritarian government is characterized by a highly concentrated and centralized power maintained by political repression and the exclusion of potential challengers.

It uses political parties and mass organizations to mobilize people around the goals of the regime. Authoritarianism emphasizes arbitrary law rather than the rule of law, including election rigging and political decisions being made by a select group of officials behind closed doors. Totalitarianism is an extreme version of authoritarianism. Authoritarianism primarily differs from totalitarianism in that social and economic institutions exist free from governmental control. By contrast, totalitarianism is a political system where the state holds total authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life wherever necessary.

However, a totalitarian regime attempts to control virtually all aspects of the social life, including economy, education, art, science, private life, and morals of citizens. The concept became prominent in Western anti-communist political discourse during the Cold War era in order to highlight perceived similarities between Nazi Germany and other fascist regimes on the one hand and Soviet communism on the other. A dictatorship is defined as an autocratic form of government in which the government is ruled by an individual: a dictator.

In contemporary usage, dictatorship refers to an autocratic form of absolute rule by leadership unrestricted by law, constitutions, or other social and political factors within the state. A dictatorship is a form of government that has the power to govern without the consent of those being governed similar to authoritarianism. A monarchy is a form of government in which sovereignty is actually or nominally embodied in a single individual, the monarch.

This is a form of government in which a state or polity is ruled or controlled by an individual who typically inherits the throne by birth and rules for life or until abdication. Monarchs may be autocrats absolute monarchy or ceremonial heads of state who exercise little or no power or only reserve power, with actual authority vested in a parliament or other body such as a constitutional assembly.

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An oligarchy is a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people. These people could be distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, education, corporate, or military control. Such states are often controlled by a few prominent families who pass their influence from one generation to the next. Forms of government and other political structures associated with oligarchy usually include aristocracy, meritocracy, plutocracy, military junta, technocracy, and theocracy.

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Non-democracies have become a central idea on the debate of whether or not Western Democracy, especially Western Democracy in consideration to intrusion in the workings of other States, has become an ideal in a world where there should be no ideal with relation to how Democracy should be implemented. According to the Freedom House, Singapore is not an electoral Democracy. The prime minister retains control over the Elections Department, and the country lacks a structurally independent election authority.

Historically, the top-polling party in each GRC won all of its four to six seats, so the system effectively bolstered the majority of the dominant party.

Democracy in America: Essay & Questions

This dominant party has been the PAP since the creation of the home rule from the British. Singaporeans also have restricted freedoms of speech but this is accepted by most of the citizens. Singapore has been a constant challenge for Western-Style democracy. Whether it be in consideration of its ever-blooming economy or the fact that the citizens seem happy with the way their State is being governed.

In contrast to various other Asian nations, Singapore is one of the most stable governments with the constant rise in economic progress and development. Western States and scholars have constantly debated over whether or not such a government can be considered legitimate.

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