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Go for easy topics which will allow you to complete your essay comfortably within the deadline. On the other hand if you have time in your hand, utilize it fully to write on an unusual topic and make the most of it. While selecting an essay topic, you should consider whether it is researchable or not.

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Unique topics are good to write about but you should be able to locate enough information for it. Often to write on such interesting topics you need more time to research which you cannot afford. You also have to ensure that your discursive essay topic involves enough discussion or can bring about sufficient arguments. If you do not have enough time to put in so much of effort then it is advisable to go for simple topics that are easy to write. You should also ensure that your essay brings out your individuality.

No one wants to read an essay that harps on already used ideas and arguments. As an essay writer if you can add fresh ideas and perspectives to simple topics, then also your essay will stand out among the other essays. If you are totally running out of time then you can approach a custom essay writing company like us, customessays.

613 Original Argumentative Speech Topics Ideas [Speech, Essay]

We are dedicated to catering to all types of essays and dissertation help. We are committed to provide the students with interesting and unique essays that will fetch them good grades. We are adept in researching on unique discursive essay topics and producing excellent essays. How to find discursive essay topics Find a discursive essay topic that you will love to work on Writing discursive essays is difficult.

100 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics to Cover

Why essays are given as an assignment? Which factors to consider while selecting essay topics? Time is a major factor Time is another determining factor. Bring out your individuality You should also ensure that your essay brings out your individuality.

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Some of these argumentative prompts are deeply personal. I am student in nursing college and I needed a help in my essay about children.

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What I was looking for is a huge list of different topics I can choose from and thank you for this post, it is really helpful. We can offer you the following topics: Advantages and disadvantages of dental implants, Chronic or not chronic that is the question for obesity, Mechanism of action of medication effecting cardiovascular system.

I have a whole argumentative essay that has to be written until tomorrow, but guess who has written it for a couple of hours? That is amazing!!!! I was searching for these topics for a long time! First I wanted to write an essay on my own topic, but when I found these topics for an argumentative essay I changed my mind. Our writers can help you with any of the topics from the list or any specified by you. Can you help me? While I was reading your post, I realized I have no clue how to write my social argumentative essay.

Can you advise me something? Sorry to hear that. How should it look like? Thanks for nice words!

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For my end of the semester assignment I had to write a 1, word argumentative essay on psychology. You may like these ones: Gender-based violence in various countries. Gender equality in sport. Main causes of sex discrimination. Yes, 24 hours deadline is not a problem for us. Your email address will not be published.

20 Discursive Essay Topics That Make the Grade

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Posted on July 16, Can the death penalty be effective? Academic level:. View sample. Can smoking be prevented by making tobacco illegal? Is competition really good? Are we too dependent on computers?

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What are the drawbacks of online dating apps such as Tinder? Will the creation of artificial intelligence which can regulate itself lead to human extinction?

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Like our topics? Is it fair to control the time a teenager dedicates to playing computer games or using the Internet? Should people use animal tested cosmetics and drugs to protect themselves from dangerous consequences? Should torture be acceptable? At what age should sex education be introduced at schools?

https://volunteerparks.org/wp-content/quhiriw/1198.php Should children be taught housekeeping at school? Should school teachers and staff members be allowed to socialize with students after school? Why there should be less or no more homework.