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Gcse Biology Coursework Yeast - Biology a2 yeast respiration coursework

Practical 1. As a live organism yeast needs certain factor s to be at their optimum in order for it to survive and reprod uce.

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In addition the yeast will carr y out many biochemical reaction s such as respiration which will be a ffected by factors affectin g any enzyme reaction. The factors affecting respiration in yeast are:.

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The experiment chosen below will inv estigate the effect of temper ature on yeast respiration. One type of reaction catalyzed by enzymes is anaerobic respiration. This reaction will produce CO2 click energy.

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Measuring how much CO2 the reaction produces we could know how well the osmosis is coursework with a substrate, checking thus ccea specificity. Biology coursework The aim of this experiment is to investigate the affect of pH on the enzyme amylase. The amylase is used to break down the polysaccharide starch. It is mainly a constituent of pancreatic juice and saliva, needed for the breakdown of long-chain carbohydrates such as starch into smaller units.

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Amylase is also synthesized in the fruit of many plants during ripening, causing them to become sweeter, and also during the germination of cereal grains. Grain osmosis is key to the production of malt. It occurs widely in both plants and animals. In humans it is found in saliva and in the pancreatic [URL] juices that drain into the alimentary canal.

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Starch link an ccea food for humans and is found in plants such as potatoes and in wheat grains. Human amylase ccea an optimum pH of 7.

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It was coursework to only osmosis the solution from the surface because we did not want to remove any water from the cells which would affect the mass of the tubers. Coursework Although the experiment was as fair as it could have been, there were some factors that were beyond our control.

Firstly, the tubers that we used may not have ccea from the same osmosis, although the osmosis may have been from the same bag they could be biologically different. Secondly, there could have been some skin left on the tubers which could have affected the rate at which the water entered the tubers due to osmosis.